Thursday, 9 May 2013

Life through rose-tinted lenses...

Hi guys!

So, guess what came early last week? I'll give you a clue...

If you said my camera, you'd be right! Obviously this photo was taken using my webcam, as it's pretty impossible to take photos of a camera using the camera itself. I haven't had much of a chance to go crazy taking pictures yet, although my new profile picture was taken using it!

I've been working almost non-stop at both of my jobs, plus there's been revision happening for my French and Spanish exams in between, so I've had almost no free time recently. It has been breaking my heart a little bit though, because as the weather has been so nice I've wanted nothing more than to go outside with my camera and get a bit snap-happy! Hopefully though, as my main French exam is now out the way, I'll have a spare couple of hours to run around in the sunshine.

(When it comes back, as the weather has now taken a turn for the worst. Typical...)

However, in other exciting news, I've decided that with my new camera I'm going to start a vlog, so expect my first post for that soon! I've already had one attempt, but after failing miserably at that one (both whilst filming and at editing), I figured I'd give it another go before I publish anything to cyberspace. So keep an eye out for Justine in the Wide World, coming to a Youtube channel near you soon...


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